Note that this page contains command line applications. In order to use them directly, you should be familiar with the command line interface in Windows. If you want to use them via a graphical interface for easy, quick operation, on our Program Overview page under "Frontends" you will find a list of programs that allow that.

 Musepack SV8 tools


This package contains the Musepack Stream Version 8 command line tools for Windows. SV8 supercedes SV7 and is preferable for any task (see details).

mpcenc 1.30.0 - the encoder converts WAV or lossless files to MPC files.

mpcdec 1.0.0 - the decoder converts MPC files to WAV or checks files for stream errors.

mpcgain 0.9.3 - the ReplayGain calculator adds ReplayGain info to MPC files.

mpcchap 0.9.0 - SV8 chapter editor embeds chapters into MPC files using info in chapter or cue files.

mpccut 0.9.0 - SV8 stream cutter losslessly cuts stream segments based on selected start/end samples.

mpc2sv8 1.0.0 - Musepack SV7 to SV8 converter losslessly converts MPC files encoded by an SV7 encoder.


 Musepack SV7 tools

mppenc 1.16 / mppdec 1.95e / replaygain 0.84 / MPCscan

This package contains the Musepack Stream Version 7 command line tools for Windows - encoder, decoder, ReplayGain calculator and stream error scanner. The SV7 format remains fully supported, but it is superceded by SV8 and the tools will no longer be updated.

The encoder is needed to convert WAV files to MPC. The decoder is compatible with all StreamVersions from 4 to 7. It's needed to convert MPC files to WAV. replaygain.exe needs mppdec.exe in the same folder to operate.



MONOGRAM Musepack DirectShow Decoder v0.9.2.0 / Splitter v0.4.0.0

The Musepack DirectShow decoder and splitter allow playback of SV8 and SV7 Musepack streams in programs that use DirectShow, such as Windows Media Player. The splitter supports APEv2 tags and SV8 chapters. These filters are officially supported and recommended over the old RadLight filter. Source code is found on our SVN.

Note: you may need to download Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package from Microsoft's site, if you get an error such as "Application cannot start".

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WMP Tag Plus v2.0

This plugin, in combination with the above DirectShow decoder/splitter, provides library and tagging support for MPC files in Windows Media Player.